"Nadine not only respectfully worked with our veteran board and staff, but led us - and when necessary gently pushed us - to create the best development plan our 35-year old organization has had. She understands development, has strong communication skills and fulfilled each of the many deliverables we agreed upon. I learned and am still learning a great deal from our engagement."

Executive Director, Washington Bach Consort


"Nadine is well connected and pragmatic. Her approach to fundraising consulting works - she connects you with the right people and gives you strategic advice to build lasting relationships."

Board Chairman, DC Collaborative


"Nadine's broad and deep knowledge of strategic development, her strong facilitation skills, her understanding of and respect for the challenges facing a fledgling organization, her impeccable preparation suited to our needs, and her warm and gracious manner have made her the right consultant/resource for the National Network of State Teachers of the Year."

Board Member and Chair, Governance Committee
National Network of State Teachers of the Year


"Our organization was hit hard in 2013 by federal budget cuts. Prior to that, fundraising was not a major need for us and we had very little experience doing it. Nadine very quickly developed a deep understanding of our needs and the unique challenges posed by the education program for which we were trying to raise support. Her approach is comprehensive and well-organized. She pushes us when needed, but is not pushy. Nadine has shared her knowledge and experience, helped us establish an annual plan and calendar for achieving our goals, and we very quickly saw successes."

Director, National Ocean Sciences Bowl
Consortium for Ocean Leadership


"The National Network of State Teachers of the Year has benefited tremendously from Nadine's tutelage, expertise, and talents during the past two years. We now know how to develop our own funding plan and fundraising strategy, conduct funder research, and make funding calls. I do not believe that NNSTOY would be where we are today were it not for Nadine's commitment and expertise."

Executive Director, NNSTOY


"I’ve seen a number of fundraising experts over the years and you did a particularly good job of getting an understanding of where we are and where we struggle, and coming up with a very specific project implementation timeline to move the ball forward. And you did a great job of presenting that information to the Board to help get all of us on board."

Board Member, Washington Improv Theater