Our strategic partners help bring you the services you need.

DonorSearch is a leading prospect screening and research firm, with the fastest-growing – and one of the largest – databases of philanthropy in the country. Using models and analytics based on a study of $5 billion in giving to over 400 organizations, they can identify and qualify up to 30% more major donors than other firms. www.donorsearch.net

VIVO solves communication challenges by leveraging media that makes sense. Attentive listeners and imaginative problem solvers, they create unique strategic marketing solutions that exceed expectations. Explore their digital and print work and examine credentials at www.vivodesign.com.

Inkwise helps nonprofits tell powerful stories.
Building investment starts with telling a story. A meaningful story. The kind of story that will empower advocates, entice prospects, and energize donors. Inkwise will work with you to craft the story to foster connections and inspire action and change more lives. www.inkwise.net

At Joan Wood & Company we are change agents. We fix problems, improve systems, train leadership and, when appropriate, help expand development shops.

We have 30+ years of development experience to guide nonprofits as they navigate an ever-changing fundraising landscape.

Ultimately, we help nonprofits raise more money – and we teach them the tools to fundraise more effectively.


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