Prospect Research

Whether you’re ready to seek increased support from current donors or would like to identify new prospects to engage, our research services ensure you have the information you need to build your donor base and ask for the right amount at the right time.

Let us help you make informed decisions regarding potential funding sources. In our research reports, we provide you with information on foundations, corporations and individual prospects that are the best fit for your organization; estimate financial levels of support and offer a tiered rating system of likely donors; and include examples of past donations made by each prospect and contact details. 


We also provide the following research services:

  • Detailed profiles on current or prospective donors
  • Wealth screening, so you can learn more about your current and potential donors, via our strategic partner, Donor Search
  • Donor data analysis, where we examine gift history and past donor engagement to help determine strategies that will yield greater support in the future
  • Data mining services


Funding Analysis

Who are the top funders supporting nonprofits focused on your mission area?  Our researchers will create tailored reports detailing the individual and institutional funders providing the most support and providing information on your connection/likelihood of support.