Fundraising Assessment

Pivot is an assessment tool we created to gauge your development effectiveness. Based on targeted metrics and key insights gained in meetings with you and your team, we evaluate your development program and create a roadmap to improve outcomes and increase support.

Successful fundraising isn't magic. There's no one-size-fits-all formula. But organizations that consistently achieve or exceed their fundraising goals share some common traits:

  • a strong culture of philanthropy
  • a compelling case detailing why funds are needed
  • programs with measurable impact, and
  • consistent outreach to donors and prospects

If you are struggling to overcome the same fundraising challenges year after year, or are ready to move your development program to the next level, an assessment and plan is the best starting point.

This is where Pivot comes in.

Through Pivot, we evaluate four key attributes that are critical in the development process:

  • Institutional Leadership
  • Infrastructure
  • Messaging
  • Fundraising Tactics

Your overall Pivot score, and perhaps just as importantly, your score by attributes, inform our assessment and recommendations to help you precisely target what's needed to improve your fundraising effectiveness.

Is Pivot Right for Your Organization?

We conduct Pivot assessments as part of our broader audit and development planning engagements, but we also work with organizations who may not be ready for a full assessment but still want to evaluate their nonprofit’s fundraising health and development program challenges.

In addition to the survey portion of Pivot, your assessment could include:

  • a detailed review of key areas of focus for improvement
  • structured group training for your organization's leadership team and/or development staff to provide feedback and create a roadmap for improved outcomes
  • a series of sessions targeting development planning and budgeting to ensure your fundraising goals are in line with organizational expectations.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about Pivot and our process to help you better understand and transform your fundraising.